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    Tsumugi Akari is a wife with quite high physiological needs but unfortunately her husband has never satisfied her. He is a husband who is not strong and only knows how to work hard to make money. While Tsumugi was feeling bored, something happened. Her father-in-law was always peeping on his son and Tsumugi having sex then he went back to his room and masturbated. One day Tsumugi, after having sex with her husband, went to the kitchen to get water and accidentally saw her father-in-law turning his hand. He was very embarrassed when his daughter-in-law saw his embarrassing actions. But then he mustered up the courage to rape his daughter-in-law. He understood that Tsumugi had never had an orgasm so this would be her weakness. He promised to make his daughter-in-law the happiest in a way she had never experienced before.