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    Shoko has a happy married life with Hiroshi. Although she gets along well with her mother-in-law, she absolutely hates her sexually abusive father-in-law. He often touched her butt, used vulgar words to her, and even got out of the bathtub naked and stood in front of her! He had also been fascinated by Shoko's seductive body for a long time. One day, when he couldn't control himself anymore, while his wife went out to buy things, he forcefully raped her and ejaculated inside her uterus! And since then, he continuously forced her to meet his sexual needs. He continuously ejaculated inside her on the days when she was most fertile. She should hate this, but her father-in-law's sexual skills, endurance, and strength are things that her husband cannot have! She was climaxed by her father-in-law over and over again, enjoying sexual pleasure that she had never known before. And then some time later Shoko became pregnant. Because during this time she did not have sex with her husband, the baby in her womb was definitely...